All the power in the (Western) world…

NB:This update originally appeared on crowdfunding website Kickstarter on 7th May 2013 and was intended for backers of the successful campaign to fund the publication of Finding Arun, my debut novel.

Howdy Team Kickstarter,

I hope those of you in the UK enjoyed the sunny Bank Holiday weekend; the rest of you are probably enjoying the sun that usually comes guaranteed with Spring!

I am back from Africa and (courtesy of my Dad and a 3 amp fuse) finally have power again for my laptop – hurrah! I am definitely now more appreciative of the constant, uninterrupted electricity that we get in the Western world.

I’m furiously editing away again, trying to make up for the time that I’ve lost and am at the halfway point. I will hopefully be done within the next two weeks and then it will be time to turn the book over to the professionals – eek!

I’m also working on a (much improved) resdesign of my website, so that’s where that’s gone, in case you happen to have stopped by recently. To stay up to date in the meantime, be sure to like my Facebook page and/or follow me on Twitter.

For now, I will leave you all with a question (or two):

Can you think of any examples in popular fiction, where a character has changed name or spelling of name part way through a book (with good reason, of course?)

If so, how did this affect your reading of the book? Did it add to the story or detract from it/cause confusion?

I’ll explain why I’m asking in the next update 😉

Much love,

Marisha xxx

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