So much for the trusty laptop…

NB:This update originally appeared on crowdfunding website Kickstarter on 22nd April 2013 and was intended for backers of the successful campaign to fund the publication of Finding Arun, my debut novel.

Howdy Team Kickstarter,

Hope you’re all doing well.

Things were going swimmingly here in Africa. The wedding festivities had subsided and I was cracking on with more editing, when disaster struck yesterday: a power cut blew the power cord for my laptop 🙁 I’m now completely out of battery and can’t really continue editing until I get back to the UK next week and replace the cable.

It’s incredibly frustrating, but I guess these things happen. I’m staying with my cousin, so I might try to steal some time on his computer (thankfully the book is stored on the cloud!), but it’s looking likely that I will be approximately a week behind on my intended production schedule. Luckily I had built in some extra time for contingency so don’t worry, you will still be receiving your books in September!

Until power is resumed and from a very hot Africa, much love Marisha xxx

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